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tbc new picIT’S NOT ABOUT ME: Three Questions to ask Yourself Before Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Thinking of selling your home or buying a home, and getting ready to “interview agents”?  What questions do you plan to ask them?  I’m sure you’ve read lots of internet articles with lists of questions and “right” answers – all most likely written by real estate agents! And we real estate agents have read those same articles, and same questions, and most likely have all the “right” answers for you!

Thinking about buying or selling a home?  Interview agents any way you like, but ask yourself these three important questions afterward to help you choose the agent that’s right for you!


  1. Was the agent ENTHUSIASTICGenuine enthusiasm about your home, is key to getting your home sold.  That enthusiasm will show up in all the marketing descriptions, photos, and even the energy put into the process itself.  Genuine enthusiasm about helping you reach your goal of home ownership is vital. Finding your dream home takes expertise and enthusiasm!
  2. Did the agent give you any written guarantees or promises about their service to you? Read the listing agreement  or the buyer agency agreement carefully and thoroughly, and make sure you understand all the things you as a client are promising to do.  And then, review the duties that the agent promises to provide you.  Most likely, you want the agent to contact you frequently to keep you updated. Do you want the agent to assist you with referrals for all the services you’ll need throughout the process? Do you want the agent to help you figure out “the bottom line” on offers? Do you want the agent to advise you on the best way to achieve your goals?  Did the agent provide those guarantees or promises in writing, and are they willing to be held accountable to you for fulfilling them? And by accountable, I mean are they willing to allow you to cancel the agreement if they don’t fulfill their promises? And is that promise in writing?  Or are you locked in to the agreement regardless of what the agent does?
  3. At the end of the interview, did you learn more about the listing agent, or did they learn more about you? Is it really important to you if the agent was “Rookie of the Year”, or was Top Producer in their office last year, or sells their home listings seven days sooner than the MLS average?  If you want to play the Vegas odds, it may be.  But you are unique, your home is unique, and your goals and dreams are unique.  Did the agent ask you about your goals, about what you and your family enjoys most about your home, and your neighborhood? Do they understand what’s important to you?  Getting your home sold, or finding you a new home is not about adding an achievement trophy to the listing agent’s wall of fame – it’s about YOU!


gold-starI bring genuine enthusiasm to every client relationship. I give you my personal written GOLD STAR GUARANTEE to communicate with you, to assist you with needed services, to help you figure out the bottom line when analyzing offers, and more.  I am so committed to your satisfaction that if you’re not happy with my efforts in getting your home sold, or finding your new home – for any reason – you can cancel our agreement, no questions asked. And most of all, understanding your goals, addressing your concerns, and getting you to where you want to be are my priorities when you become my client.  Your goals and dreams.  My passion.  Thinking of buying or selling your Lowcountry home?  Let’s talk.